viruse how to use virus?

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 5.36.00 PMBasic Mechanics

  • Eat blobs smaller compared to you (duh). Every time you consume a blob, you will get bigger in dimensions.
  • Smaller blobs move quicker than bigger blobs.
  • Whenever you push on the area bar, you can split deliver 50percent of size traveling at a blob for eating it.
  • Utilize the W secret to eject some size in way you had been going. This can be done to increase the rate of blob or even to feed a virus.
  • You truly must be 25per cent bigger than another blob for eating it.
  • Every blob manages to lose mass passively over time. The bigger you might be, the more size you shed.
  • Your rating corresponds into the largest you have been inside current life.
  • You'll divided into a maximum of 16 blobs.
  • 22, 500 could be the present maximum size of a single blob. You could get a bigger score than 22, 500 in the event that you separated and the amount of all your blobs totals over 22, 500.Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 5.29.50 PM However, once your blob integrates once again, how big your blob goes back into 22, 500.


  • Viruses tend to be green ‘spikey’ blobs that can cause blobs larger than all of them to explode into many smaller components if they touch them. At around 150 mass, could explode in the event that you touch a virus.
  • Blobs smaller compared to size 130 can cover within viruses without bursting. You should use this defensively if being chased by a more substantial blob.
  • If you hit w into a virus, you can feed the herpes virus. Whenever a virus is provided 7 times, you will create a brand new virus when you look at the path you had been feeding it. You should use this offensively to split a larger blob into many smaller components.
  • If some body is wanting to feed a virus into you, it is possible to respond by feeding herpes in their particular way. Not only can this stop your very own blob from getting struck by a virus, it'll cause your adversary to split up into numerous pieces, which you yourself can then absorb.

Various Other Mechanics

  • Whenever you achieve a certain dimensions, you can unlock the ability to display the size of your blob in online game. Simply click the tool bar close to Enjoy and choose tv show size. This may show you how big your blob is in online game and will also be in a position to observe how much size you are losing passively.

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