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lvl cap 1The competition to demonstrate who’s the most notable 8 baseball share player is all about getting underway once more! The very first time in quite a while, we are increasing the level cap in 8 Ball Pool. Yes, could today be able to rise above degree 150… way beyond.

Just what and also this means usually level-up benefits won't be capped at 150: people with hit this amount will today manage to advance to degree 151 and beyond and carry on earning free Pool Cash each time you level up, also earning even more VIP points! We’re currently anticipating witnessing who’ll end up being the very first to hit amount 200…

Remember that you earn XP by just winning contests of 8 Ball Pool – even though you earn much more XP for winning than losing, needless to say. Greater tiers in addition give fully out the highest XP benefits.

We’ll be making the change real quickly on both internet and mobile – so if you’re currently at degree 150 after that choose your XP bar to begin replenishing once more!

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