Agar io Engine

Screenshot 1A simple checkers-like game with an twist. This is impressed by a thought conceived during a game of checkers. A king ended up being knocked over, and a tale was made about splitting and absorbing like the online game This became an excuse to become acquainted the ADMIRATION 2D game motor, with which this video game is established.

Current efforts

The game is currently functionally full.Screenshot 2 the only real improvements might actually be really worth their while would be visual updates therefore the addition of animated graphics. But the range of testing the abilities of ENJOY 2D, it could be most energy for a game of the size.

For the time being, we're passively testing the overall game locate oversights in today's online game logic. If you want to greatly help, you can have fun with the game with a friend and discover if unusual things happen. Alternatively, you could test making visual improvements into online game if you should be familiar with LIKE.

Kindly report all insects in the bug tracker, and submit all efforts through either GitHub or e-mail.


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