Agar io connect WS

At this time, mitmproxy does not seem to be able to handle websocket contacts.

How do I simply go these on so customers can still connect with a websocket server?

Discover my present demand:

Specifically, during my situation, I'd currently like clients utilizing my proxy to play games on, which makes use of a websocket link with talk to a (for the reasons, random) host which hosts the video game.

Samples of game-hosting computers which links to:, ws://

I already attempted utilizing mitmproxy's Ignore Domains feature (both from command range and from within the program), in addition to their recommended TCP Proxy feature. This is the structure I attempted making use of:

Nevertheless this simply stops from running anyway (grey background, correct document name but that's it).

I think that's since the client is connecting to various machines (perhaps not ws:// I cannot utilize a simple domain ignore, but I may be wrong.

While at this time i am only thinking about, it would be great having an answer for all websocket machines.

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