Agario eating viruses after

Does Cause Viruses

A Virus is a green mobile which can be used offensively and defensively. If a mobile consumes a virus, it'll "pop", sending aside 15 or less bite-sized items of the cell in various guidelines. A cell can eject 7 times to fire a virus, sending another virus into a cell.


Viruses be seemingly large, green, and bush-like groups with small surges on the edges, reminiscent to those of a blade. In Teams, FFA and celebration mode a virus will grow larger according to the number of "W" size provide it.


Viruses can be utilized for both offense and defense, as they are popular by smaller, weaker cells to take larger, tougher cells.

FFA & Team Mode

A unique virus could be created by a mobile by ejecting a maximum of 7 blobs using the W function. If the virus is because of the 7th blob, it'll eject another virus when you look at the other way of this mobile that fed the herpes virus. This mechanic can be regularly attack bigger cells, who does usually be impossible to eat the player. Take into account that whenever a cell is in range to provide size to a virus, furthermore in range for the ejected virus. Ejecting viruses at other cells has considerable risk of counterattack. Viruses which are closer to ejection appear distended and possess more surges.

Experimental Mode

In experimental mode, viruses act in a different way. As opposed to splitting, viruses offered mass will "slip" a size into the directed direction with regards to the number of size inserted into it.

Default Virus

Viruses are no much longer capable of being replicated in Experimental mode. Instead of establishing another virus hurling into the other direction associated with oppressing cell, herpes will go a small length ahead for every quantity of mass directed at the herpes virus. This is often far more mass-consuming, and makes it much more difficult to introduce an effective virus into a cell.

Spawner Virus

The spawner virus introduced in experimental mode is different than its default counterparts. Spawner viruses are bigger than usual viruses, and also a special orange-brown shade as opposed to the green color of a normal virus. These viruses will sometimes dispense size in the shape of pellets. A spawner cell could be given "W" size, dispensing it in the form of pellets. This might be helpful for "instant merging", whenever cells split in two decide they want to combine early in the day by feeding their smaller parts towards spawner virus and collecting the pellets afterward. Be warned, this doesn't end opponents from using the mass besides. A cell cannot "hide" within this virus since it is able to perform so with a default virus, as it will digest the cellular and disperse its size via pellets. If a cell is close to the very same size due to the fact spawner, they might enter within the spawner virus without stress of explosion or death, but should take caution as opponents could give the cellular, causing it to explode due to being too large, or be eaten to the spawner virus if the opposing mobile supply the herpes virus as an alternative. If a cell is bigger than a spawner virus therefore uses it, it will become a standard virus, dispersing the mobile into a few pieces.

The Deep Virus

Dark Virus.

In Experimental Mode on 2015-06-11 this virus had a 5percent possiblity to obviously spawn instead of a consistent virus. Whenever eaten, it had exactly the same result as a standard virus, splitting the cell into a number of smaller cells. These viruses had been bigger and deeper than usual viruses, calling for even more size to eat or eject. It took 16 size ejections (~255 mass) to eject a dark virus. Scores of ~300 ended up being necessary to consume a dark virus as one cellular, ~320 as several cells. When eaten whilst having the max number of cells, dark viruses included ~255 size towards the player's mobile. Dark viruses were removed the following day, on 2015-06-12.

Ejection Mechanics

The experimental mode included a twist to your current regular virus, altering what happens whenever a player ejects size to the virus. Rather than shooting out another virus, ejecting size into a virus causes it to move from the path of this ejection. Each ejection makes the virus move 1—2 squares on chart, accelerating with quicker ejections. This makes the virus ejections simpler to dodge and counter, including pushing cells to use viruses they discover rather than creating even more themselves. This eliminates the issue of getting around the first virus to consume a cell that you have actually just split with an ejected.


  • If a cell reaches the most of 16 cellular alternatives, a virus is safely used if the specific mobile is bigger than the herpes virus.
  • A virus contains 100 size.
  • But if a cellular donates size into a virus, the mass the herpes virus will include increases. The seventh time it's given by donated mass, it splits towards the location where in actuality the size had been donated.
  • Viruses have no collision with one another, consequently they are able to use up the exact same space and location as another virus.
  • A virus will "bounce" from the side of the chart if they are launched toward the edge.
  • An ordinary virus could be shot into a spawner virus in Experimental mode. Whenever spawner virus features effectively used the conventional virus, it will probably dispense size in the shape of pellets.
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