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GTA 5 on the web Funniest Moments w DOUBLE PART 1 (GTA 5 Funny Moments - Cargobob Stunt, C4 Troll)



Martin Petrov (created September 13, 1994), understood on YouTube as Bodil40, is a Bulgarian Minecraft YouTuber.

Bodil's Gaming

Bodil40 is a well known and energetic YouTuber mostly known for uploading gaming video clips. He has more than 1.9 million customers and is the winner on the very first period of ZexyZek's minecraft game tv show The Showdown. Their buddies which he regularly play Minecraft with are ChocoTheChocobo, ghosteez, SimonHDS90, deadlox and xXSlyXx. On his gaming station he's got taped with Mr360Games (dual), SimonHDS90 (Angry child), ghosteez (The Hound), H20 (H20 Derilious), VanossGaming (Vanoss), Baki961, DeadloxMC, GamingFelix, and Basica Minecraft.

Bodil features made an appearance on lots of mini-games on all of the TeamCrafted stations such Sphere PVP, his parkour maps, and Cops & Robbers. Three of Team Crafted's memebers, Deadlox, TrueMU, and Sky usually played Bodil's parkour maps whenever they arrived.

He earns his popularity from playing games that mostly contains Minecraft (with minigames and additional Minecraft maps) and a lot of recently their agario ( video clips, which he has actually more than 108 episodes of currently.

Continuous Series

UMapBro (Parkour with SkyDoesMinecraft, MinecraftUniverse and Deadlox/HIATUS)/ENDED

Other Mini-Games with raft, MinecraftUniverse and Deadlox/HIATUS

Sphere Survival (Team Crafted & Friends/ENDED)

Other Mini-Games with Team CraftedClashJTM and Ghosteez/ENDED

Epic Jump Maps (Made by himself, played with SkyDoesMinecraft with Team CraftedClashJTM and Ghosteez/ENDED) (with Double, xXSlyFoxHoundXx, SimonHDS90, GamingFelix, GhostGamingYT, Baki961 among others) and over 130 episodes from it

Trolling Habits

Bodil's hobby while recording is "trolling". In Minecraft terms which means you fool a person so he can get into a negative situation and get killed/made fun of. He also encircles trolling his pals. He made en entire parkour map about trolling that he played along with Sky and Deadlox. He made montages on how he has trolled his buddies usually before they start a map. Mr360Games is a target for trolling and Bodil typically trolls him before every map that they do. He also wants to blow-up stuff with TNT minecarts. This can be seen when he trolls several of his YouTuber pals using scare mod.


  • Bodil launched in just one of their real time flow videos that he was in fact 21 years of age, which can be verified by his beginning day (September 1994)
  • Bodil said in an adult movie that their title meant cactus in Bulgarian, though he said in an early on movie that the 40 component added to section of a Bulgarian term aswell. The number 4 about means "ch" in Bulgarian, becoming Bodilcho. Though it really is not known why he decided to go with this title because he hardly ever really talked about his name that much comprehensive. In the event that you watch one of Bodil's first ever video clips he uploaded inside the channel, when you look at the credits ultimately he put down himself as bodilcho.
  • Bodil features a sis, and her name is Sanna.
  • He likes to wear sunshine spectacles.

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