Similar Games is one of the most addictive games on the web, however, if you’re seeking a big change, then there are plenty of similar games to help you select from. Ranging from slither’s top rival to PS2 preferred ‘Tap My Katamari’; you have limitless options with regards to choices.

Most of these can be obtained on Android os and IOS, while almost all of all of them are available on desktop and laptops. We now haven’t included the classic online game ‘Snake’, although for people with a Nokia brick phone, this can be constantly a viable alternative.

katamariEliss Infinity

This game moves away from the idea of agar and slither, by putting you in charge of your own world. You’re basically playing God within online game, and you are responsible for ensuring that your planets don’t collide- much exactly how you’re in charge of avoiding hitting other snakes in slither.

Tap my katamari

It is a PS2 specialty, available nowadays on Android and IOS, that employs the same motif as or rather, slither adopted similar theme as Katamari.super-mega-worm In this online game you have to move around and gather rubbish, rather than dots, utilizing the objective to become the largest baseball feasible. it is a great twist on various other comparable games, with enjoyable and colorful layouts.

Super Mega Worm

That is a bit more sinister than, as Super Mega Worm turns you into a human eating worm that has the power to burst through levels of landscapes and assault as many individuals as you possibly can.

slither is largely considering this video game, with the main difference being that slither uses snakes and agar makes use of balls. The competitive, multiplayer direction is the identical. Additionally the range of is for one to eat as many competitors that you can, in your pursuit to getting the largest basketball.

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