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Why is Agar.io so laggy?

sluggish computer gameA game's on line performance is related to many facets. Here is a listing of some of the different reasons for why an online online game is sluggish or laggy.

Connection speed

If you are using a modem in order to connect and play online games you are going to observe a much higher ping after that other players and also require an improved link than you. When you have a broadband connection and are also experiencing lag examine your Internet connection to see just what your throughput is.

Testing your connection speed can be helpful to find out in case your if the sluggish connection could be because of your link and/or host connection.


Where a host is located, its connection kind and speed, also what number of players are currently deploying it, all impact the online gaming experience. Listed below are tips to try.

  1. See if all people tend to be experiencing high pings or large latency. Often if all people tend to be sluggish chances are the server is a slow computer system or features way too many people for connection being used.
  2. Try an alternate server. Servers can be positioned anywhere in the world and when the host you may be playing on is in another country it could affect your link rate with a few games.
  3. Have fun with the game at a different sort of time. If game's host will be used for lots more multiple titles or any other jobs it may be presently experiencing much work load, which lowers overall performance.


Validate you have the newest changes for your game, plus the operating-system you're utilizing to relax and play the games on. Often updating the game to your latest variation, updating the equipment motorists, and upgrading the operating system can improve a game title's performance traditional and on line.

More complex environment

When entering an area along with other web people, the stress on your desktop increases because of the demands needed to load each of the characters and their particular activities. If the computer's overall performance decreases when there will be other people on your own screen, reduce the movie quality of your online game through "options" or "show Settings" inside game.

How do you see the ping in an online online game?

Many games have actually an attribute which can be enabled or handicapped and lets you start to see the ping or latency of the connection with the overall game server. Unfortunately, in which these details is located and just how to enable/disable it is all determined by the overall game. Visit your documentation or ask various other players into the online game simple tips to show this environment.

Just how do I determine if my ping is high?

As mentioned above, the higher the ping or latency value the worse your connection. But whether its high in comparison with other users on the same host is dependent upon the game in addition to server. Some online flash games have shade coded ping/latency/connection indicators. As an example, red for bad (high ping), yellow for ok, and green permanently (fast or reasonable ping).

Am I able to by hand change my ping?

Some games enable you to by hand specify the ping or there may be hacks that enable one to replace your ping. But it is only switching what is becoming displayed and will by no means improve your ping. However, it may let your computer system to get in touch to a server that needs a reduced ping.

Insufficient movie memory

With games in general, if the computer won't have sufficient video clip memory to correctly render and show the overall game display, the game will undoubtedly be reduced to react and search laggy.

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