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Server designThis document will help you comprehend the task architecture, what exactly is when you look at the supply and just how the game is running on both customer and host side.

  • NodeJS
  • NPM
  • Bower
  • Socket.IO
  • Express

The game runs on a NodeJS environment making use of Socket.IO to create a WebSocket host paying attention on port 3000 (automatically).

There is a ExpressJS setup serving a straightforward HTTP service that displays list.html, with the Canvas factor always make the game plus some client side Javascript to coummunicate with the WebSocket server.

This project has actually 3 primary components:

  • Config files (bower.json, package.json, etc.)
  • Customer side
  • Host side

The config files list the libraries, plans, etc. being needed for the video game to operate. You'll install most of the dependencies using following demand:

npm install

It will install all libraries listed in package.json and bower.json

Game Client

Your client folder contains the signal used in the overall game client. It is simply a straightforward HTML file that creates a canvas to make the overall game plus some HTML elements when it comes to chatbox.

The overall game client reasoning inside js/app.js. It has the functions to render the game, check ping/latency, toggle dark mode, send talk communications, process game input, plus some plug event listener to communicate with the host.

No online game reasoning are processed from client side. The one thing related to gameplay regarding the customer side is processing game input (deliver mouse position to server).

The rendering loop regarding the online game uses requestAnimationFrame in place of setInterval, and also this provides fabric a much better design performance.

Evaluate, you'll replace the code block:

(purpose animloop{ requestAnimFrame(animloop); gameLoop; });


setInterval(gameLoop, 16);

Game Host

The host rule at server/server.js includes all the config/information and functions about the video game reasoning including: meals's mass, action rate, minimal mass difference to eat, random shade, struck test, process player action, etc.

All game logic is prepared regarding server side. The communication between server and customer would be explained into the following part.

The player listing is handled in server side, within the people variety. The meals listing is inside meals range. There's also a sockets variety to keep all the plug contacts from linked players.

In the beginning, an easy cycle is ran with a setInterval on host side to spawn meals randomly every 2nd, but running a loop regarding the host part is a bad idea, because slows the host down significantly and causes lag regarding the customer part even if you will find just 2 players linked.

This is exactly why we changed to a different (current) method: whenever a person links into the game, the host will spawn 30 brand new arbitrary foods, (note this quantity is changed during the newFoodPerPlayer variable). And when a player consumes a food, 1 brand new food will be produced, this quantity could be changed during the respawnFoodPerPlayer adjustable. In the event that total number of foods in the game arena exceeds 50 (view maxFoodCount), the server stop serving brand-new meals.

The communication amongst the customer together with host edges may be sectioned off into 2 stages: Authentication and In-Game Communication


Whenever a new player connects, a popup is going to be shown asking their title. After that, a plug connection are exposed. The server receives this brand-new connection and take it with welcome message, attached using UserID of this customer.

As soon as the client gets that welcome message, it will probably reply with a gotit message, attached because of the Player's name.

As soon as the server gets that gotit, it'll broadcast it back again to every connected player (except current player) that someone has accompanied the overall game with playerJoin message. Every player who's connected to the game will get this message and update their particular player record (draw brand-new enemy on display, etc.)

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