Screenshots io how to login without Facebook?

login agarioHello everybody!
In this article I will let you know about all features in! One of the most of use functions is brand-new twitter account system, it permits you to have amount progress, the larger your degree than bigger your start mass. In addition 2nd essential function is launch on IOS and Android. Let`s say thank-you to Zeach - developer of

Twitter account system

Generate account really is easy, just click "Login and play", next application will request permission to join with yours twitter account. That`s it, so now you are advanced after that more initiating size you get.

Levels in

login agarioThis game gets to be more addicting with unique amount system, you can observe exactly how it seems on screenshoot.

Why picked facebook?

In several forums people didn't like "Facebook connect", because they believe "Why i ought to have Twitter account to relax and play". Plus they appropriate! But having said that, that is designers choice and might to add any fuctionality they want, anyhow we are able to only play without account.

That's all features in agario currently. Do not forget to read our the preferred article. Therefore thanks for attentions dudes and view you later on. By the way, leave your comment and considered this features, bye!

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