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modkapakfotoPeople who want to play tanks online game have already been playing There are a lot of various tanks and techniques to gain even more points and amounts. Some players are utilizing mods to help ease playing of the game. Our new application which includes various and new functions is made is ready for you personally .The mod can simply take dazzling and funny video clips on YouTube so you can publish brand new movies for your YouTube stories.We advise that you play ““, ”Diepio” with this particular mod and after that you will see the benefits of this mod. You have to disable other mods within browser. When you have installing or playing problem, you will definitely call us on our facebook page or webpage.

  • Features

  • Car Spin (recall on respawn)
  • Aimbot
  • Dark theme
  • Team changer (connect to change space and backup room signal)
  • Destroy counter
  • Time live timer
  • Tank Upgrade Notification
  • Rating Gain Notification (needs to be at the very least 200)
  • Auto-max Stats Notification
  • 4:3 aspect
  • Automobile Respawn
  • Autofire (remember on respawn)
  • Keep in mind Name and Settings
  • Warn on loss close/reload
  • Keyboard controls record
  • diepiodownload* changes are immediately used once you reload web page

    Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Q: Aimbot On/Off
  • ESC: Show/hide game options
  • Z: Toggle automobile respawn
  • X: Toggle autofire
  • C: Toggle car spin
  • V: Toggle dark motif
  • B: Toggle 4×3 aspect proportion
  • L: Toggle server & ping condition (you don't need to hold-down L)
  • Y: Toggle class tree (you should not hold down Y)
  • You must disable various other mods in your web browser.


    To produce this script focus on your Firefox browser, you ought to enable Shadow DOM functionality very first. To do this, available about:config page and set the value of dom.webcomponents.enabled to real

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