Agar io how to Put Image?

It wasn't quite. Well, today i'll explain to you how I achieved it succesfully!


Woodburning device with level circular tip
Reversed picture printed on laser printer
Surface you're moving the picture onto (wood/fabric)

Prepared? Okay. Step one is always to reverse your image. Most image modifying software features that function. It might be known as mirror or mirror, one thing along those lines.

After that, you will need your picture printed on a laser printer. If you do not get one, most copy machines tend to be laser. Basically, if it utilizes toner, you're good to go. Hint: printing it on a gloss paper truly assists if you are pushing heat device along the report (less rubbing). In addition, some individuals love to set the printer/copier to printing darker. I did not accomplish that.
Third. Outfit your lumber burning tool using level round tip:

Allow it to heat up for approximately ten minutes.

The surface we transferred the picture onto required some preparation work. I experienced a plain bit of balsa wood that I "stained" white making use of this:

blended with white acrylic paint. From then on dried, I dry brushed the side purple:
SIGNIFICANT: Before you go to move your image, make sure the "stain" is completely dried out!! In addition, do not use spray paint or latex paint. The paint comes up with your paper, as shown in the first picture of this post.

Ok, now you're prepared to begin!

Tape the paper on the wood face down. Make sure the tape actually anywhere you're going to operate the wood burning tool over. Taping it helps and that means you don't inadvertently go the paper as you're transferring the picture. Once the report is connected, use the timber burning up tool plus a circular motion look at every where discover a picture. Discuss it many times. Keep consitently the timber burning device moving so that you don't burn off through your report and onto your surface. That would be bad.
Hint: if you'ren't in a position to print your picture on a shiny report, place a level of parchment paper over your imaged report and operate the lumber burning up tool over that.

Also, be careful while using the lumber burning up tool. It gets scorching! And when it starts to fall, don't you will need to catch it. That could be bad, too. Not too i understand from knowledge or everything.

Raise up the sheet a little bit in some spots to check on and view exactly how things are arriving along; look at any spots that want even more interest.

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