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Can you Play on mobile? is amongst the best brand-new games of the year, and now we at Miniclip are delighted to carry you its official mobile variation. Well, a huge revision is mostly about going to mobile phone, bringing lots of awesome brand new functions! So… what’s brand-new?


In the event that you’ve played any on Computer, you already be aware of the levelling system, and we tend to be taking an improved and expanded version towards the mobile game. You may have a person profile that tracks your stats and levels up while you play games and earn experience.

You’ll have the ability to log in with either a Twitter or Google account depending on what device you may be using. You'll be able to just play as a guest, but bear in mind this implies your progress won’t be conserved! After you have a merchant account, you can check your stats to see loads of cool information on your play record.

Starting at amount 1, you are able to fundamentally achieve the levels of amount 100, but this may take a long time! Each time you level up, you’ll be awarded 100 coins (more on those later on)! Your beginning mass may also increases a little each level to 30, providing a small starting boost.

XP generated is dependant on both survival time and total mass. Essentially, the better you will do in a casino game, the greater amount of XP you’ll secure once it’s all over! Start playing and degree up!


As stated, the new profile will contain tons of stats tracked across all your valuable games. You’ll manage to see:

  • Complete games played
  • Complete mass eaten
  • Typical rating
  • Finest rating
  • Longest success time
  • Most cells consumed


As previously mentioned, you’ll earn coins as you play and stage up. These coins could be used on two things: premium skins and short-term increases!

Premium skins are precisely that, fancy new looks for your mobile that you can’t get just about any method. The truly amazing reasons for having these skins is you can use them but still key in a different sort of login name, taking the appearance of your little blob to a new special level.

You will find going to be 80+ new premium skins to begin with, with additional added with time. We’ll also continue adding brand-new standard skins for everyone to utilize, including the governmental pack we revealed recently. This lets you decorate your mobile aided by the faces of Obama, Trump, Cameron and a number of other popular or infamous politicians!

You are able to get boosts for either your XP or your starting mass. These enable you to earn more XP or begin with a bigger mobile for a certain timeframe and are perfect if you want to speed things up slightly!

Besides levelling up, you are able to earn free coins every hour just for arriving, or watch a short video clip ad for lots more! Definitely, you can purchase some with real money too.

We are keen to make certain that none regarding the new features our company is taking to on cellular change the core gameplay you already fully know and love. If you need, you are able to disregard the lot of all of them and hold playing as you usually have. But if you need to make your experience much more concerning, worthwhile and enjoyable, we believe you’ll have actually a great time aided by the brand new things we’ve got coming!

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