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You’ve all heard about it. Agar.io has taken the web by violent storm, played by millions around the world and earning the interest of internet sites like Kotaku and YouTubers like Pewdiepie. In the event you’ve been residing under a rock (whereby, straighten out your housing arrangement), we’ll provide you with a quick rundown.

Agar.io is a multiplayer game for which you control a small cellular. By moving around and eating small meals pellets and also other people, you can grow bigger and bigger until you will be the biggest cell regarding server! You may eject size and split up into multiple cells, all useful strategies to eat various other players while preventing the exact same fate! It’s quick, an easy task to find out as well as addictive.


Well, the fun has just gone portable. We’re exceedingly pleased to announce that Miniclip is taking Agar.io to iOS and Android products! It’s equivalent brilliant online game you realize and love, modified to exert effort perfectly on an impression display screen. We’ve included a number of brand new customizable control options including taps, swipes and automatic motion, in order to tweak them until you discover your perfect set-up.

Usually, it's similar online game: completely enjoyable and totally free. Endure if you can in the world of Agar.io, and don't forget: it’s cell-eat-cell out there!

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