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Tony Chen, ArcadeGo.com or ArcadeGo is an American gaming YouTuber and an owner of an internet site with game titles. ArcadeGo has now over 1.3 Million+ Subscribers, along with his one of many quickest growing video gaming stations ever.


ArcadeGo channel started making videos in 2012. He had been mainly uploading Plants vs Zombies gameplays and some aggravated wild birds gameplays. He had been fabled for playing random online games. He becomed really famous in 2014, as he started playing Agar.io. A lot of people discovered about him. He today mostly upload Agar.io, Plants vs Zombies and aggravated wild birds gameplays.

List Of Subscriber Milestones

Tony had hit 1 million clients on November 17, 2015.


  • ArcadesGo's genuine name is Tony Chen. Their delivery time and face unveil are unidentified.
  • He is known for their Agar.io, Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds and Hungry Shark movies.
  • He additionally streams on Twitch.
  • On Plants vs Zombies Wiki's conversation, you will find theories that he is utilizing cheats for Plants vs Zombies.
  • He's somebody with Machinima.
  • He is the owner of three websites and YouTube channels of the identical name : ArcadeGo.com, PlayCow.com and Toonfirst.com.
  • He has over a billion views on ArcadeGo.
  • On one of their Agar.io livestreams (with discourse), we could hear somebody else right within beggining.
  • ArcadeGo is perhaps hitched (since he's kids, could be heard right here )
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