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How to be good

Image titled be great at Agar.Io Step 1Avoid other individuals to start with. When you get in on the online game, you are going to be little. As a result, avoid individuals and attempt to consume simply the cells that are not people.

Hide. If somebody huge is chasing you, conceal in green spiky sectors. They are known as viruses.
  • If you should be bigger than the herpes virus, could split, so be sure to just do this whenever you are tiny.
  • In the event that player that's chasing you is smaller than the virus, or perhaps the exact same dimensions, after that this can maybe not work.

Get about 300 points. That's where it really is recommended which you start chasing various other people. Be mindful, however, as you cannot consume cells which can be bigger than your own personal cell.

Component 2

Split Method
  1. Split. Numerous players split themselves in an attempt to eat various other people. This is often done-by pushing the area club.
    • Splitting can send your cell forward, allowing you to consume another cellular provided that your split piece is bigger than their entire cell.
  2. Make sure that your split piece is bigger than another player. Which just how to get all of them.

Component 3

There's no "I" in Team!
  1. visual named Be Good at Agar.Io action 2Press W. This allows one to lose some size and provide it to another player, making that player bigger and you also smaller.
  2. Be mutually supporting. For those who have a loyal team you can give each other, and protect each other from threats. Teaming is a great option to endure much longer.

Part 4

Various other strategies
  1. Lure smaller players into boundaries and trap them so that you can eat them.
  2. Press W when smaller players pursue your ejected mass, it is possible to "unexpectedly" destroy them.
  3. If you find a mama Cell in your game, you can easily let others feed it. Then only collect the foodstuff it creates without you being forced to eject mass.
  4. Seek to entice larger players into viruses. But they will most likely not be seduced by it.

Community Q&A

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  • How do I get away from a tremendously big mobile that can separate?

    wikiHow Contributor

    If you should be tiny, you've got speed as the benefit. And if you prefer, you'll split to get you to go farther away, but note that this reduces your mass.

  • How do you get speed?

    Image called be great at Agar.Io action 3wikiHow Contributor

    Small you will be, the quicker you go. This assists you obtain from larger folks and it's also easier to stay away from things including a pop split whenever you can maneuver around faster.

  • Just what take place if get near a pro group?

    You may be smaller than the pro staff, therefore make use of your rate to hightail it as soon as possible.

  • Basically like to split, can I separated on much smaller victim?

    Yes. If they're almost similar size while you, they may be able increase and consume you since when you split you receive smaller.

  • How can I make a skin?

    Having a skin, you need to develop a merchant account by logging directly into your Bing+ account. As soon as you have adequate coins, you can buy a skin. Another way occurs when you level up (if you have a free account) you will get skins once you reach a specific level.

  • How can I tell whenever bigger people tend to be going to kill myself?

    If they are chasing after you, nevertheless they can not quite capture you, there is certainly a high possibility they're going to divide. If you too have actually a respectable amount of mass, as well as can split you, discover increased possibility they will. Attempt to put a virus between both you and the other players to stop them from splitting you.

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  • Do not pursue some one similar dimensions as you.
  • Don't be caught in corners.
  • Usually do not eat viruses in FFA & Team Mode, you will not gain size and will activate the Anti-Team penalty, causing you to shrink at an alarming rate.
  • Self-feeding helps when you're in pieces many of one's mid-sized pieces are under assault. Simply put your cursor in which your largest cell is and hit "W". This will give your larger cellular and let you have actually 1 large mobile in addition to remainder tiny. This action is recommended whenever within situation. Some of your mass will go to many other places if for example the cursor isn't within the correct place. This is best with 3 or more cells. Try this when hit by a virus or perhaps you have actually over-split and risk is near. This step will totally lose you some mass normally.
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