How to host your own website

Host your own server

download agarioHello dudes, today I will you will need to clarify how-to solve concern when Agario is obstructed at places applying a limitation plan such workplaces, public area companies and schools.

The error seems like this:

1. Turn from http to https

If in your company is blocked, and so the easiest method in order to connect should change in you browser website link from to

2. Edit your hosts file (the best solution)

Go right to the folder C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc and open file "hosts" in administrative mode and add 3 rows in the bottom:

This is the best answer, it helps constantly. Benefit from the game!

3. Put the website link into google convert

Go to the and type within the remaining block and then click the link from the right side. The game become unblocked as you will play it from google. That`s it! Have a great time assuming you've got some troubles, kindly keep feedback underneath the article.

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