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whenever you’re small, you are normally a target for bigger people who are able to quickly eat you. A virus is a fantastic protective tool for smaller people. It is really worth noting during this period that each virus mobile has 100 size. If your blob is currently smaller than 100 mass, you'll be able to pass straight through virus without taking harm you can also hide underneath it. Larger players is going to be exceptionally hesitant to approach a virus.

[Advanced] Feeding viruses to attack people

A virus can be a life-threatening offensive tool. Once you supply a virus 7 blobs of mass, with the ‘’ type in the internet browser version, it will duplicate and fire a virus cellular 2 squares in the other path that it was fed. For instance, if you're Southern of a virus and feed it mass, it's going to fire a duplicate virus in a Northerly course.

Numerous medium-to-large sized people make use of viruses to strike bigger players. Whenever a virus hits a person, it will probably split their particular mass into small cells. They'll now be at risk of strike from most people regarding chart. If you use a virus to strike another player, ensure you have enough mass to separate and eat the smaller cells regarding the player you are attacking.

how_to_get_big_fast[Advanced] Positioning and chart boundaries

Great people make use of their surroundings with their advantage. Knowing your position in accordance with the edges associated with map and any groups of viruses is essential in your quest getting huge fast.

If you’re chasing a new player who is a little quicker than you, herd all of them unsuspectingly towards part regarding the map. Once they reach the edge of the map, they have to move far from it being escape getting trapped when you look at the place. This gives the perfect possibility to position your mass in order to eat all of them.

This exact same technique in addition applies if you see smaller people working from larger players. If you see two players in a chase, make an effort to position your size where smaller mass is attempting to flee. Sooner or later the smaller mass is going to be squeezed between two players and will be consumed – ideally by you!

[Advanced] ‘W Baiting’ players with mass

Whenever smaller players see free chunks of mass regarding the board, they rush to pick to it – all things considered, it's more speedily than gathering small particles of size found round the map. This starts up opportunities for you to separate kill, or consume all of them.

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