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Facebook removed a photo of a digitally sliced girl showing her breasts and butt. In October 2012, Australian males's magazine Zoo Weekly published a photograph of a bikini-clad girl, cut in one half at the body, within its "Left or appropriate?" game, where publication asks visitors to select which side they like better. The "boobs or butt" photo, which has since been eliminated, expected males which half they preferred and why.

Responses from Zoo Weekly followers on the disembodied woman had been overtly sexist. BuzzFeed posted a screenshot of some of the opinions, including "Right 'cause two holes tend to be a lot better than one, " and "left 'cause it can nevertheless make me personally a sandwich." (Resource)

Twitter has anything against elbows - at the very least, arms that somewhat resemble bare breasts. That has been the conclusion of a current Facebook research perpetrated by the operators of concepts of the Deep knowledge of Things (TOTDUOT) Tumblr, which set out to show the error regarding the social networking monster's censor-happy techniques.

So that you can show their point, individuals behind the Tumblr uploaded a photo that revealed a female in a bathtub with her elbows propped up on the sudsy sides. But initially among the arms might be perplexed when it comes to "giant left breast on a one-armed lady, " as the frequent Dot writes. Facebook just provided it the only glance. In 24 hours or less of its publishing, the photo ended up being removed and a message had been delivered to TOTDUOT, notifying the team that their photo had broken the website's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

a furious mommy is demanding responses from Facebook as to the reasons they took down photographs she published on the website of the woman son, who was produced with an uncommon beginning defect, and then later banned the girl through the site completely.

Grayson James Walker from Memphis, Tennessee came to be on February 15, 2012 with Anencephaly, an uncommon neural tube delivery problem that causes a child to-be born without elements of the mind and skull.

After over repeatedly placing the removed picture on her behalf profile, her account ended up being temporarily disabled. Heather stated she has no idea which category the image of the woman son or daughter without having the hat drops under but has established a protest by publishing the image several times and getting the woman friends and family to get hold of Twitter. (Resource)

Facebook features prohibited title of an Irish city, labeling it as “offensive, ” which increases questions over if profanity filters are causing more issues than they solve.

The city, Effin, holds the same spelling as a typical alternative to utilizing a certain “F” term, but it is in fact a proper place in County Limerick in Ireland which has been around for years and years.

Indeed, the name originates from the Irish pronunciation of Saint Eimhin, a Bishop from early Irish Christian record.

A University of Limerick worker, Ann Marie Kennedy, was campaigning to obtain the woman home town acquiesced by the myspace and facebook, because thus far it won't let her enter it onto her profile.

an American woman ended up being banned from Twitter after she published photographs of the woman child impacted with Down's problem. The myspace and facebook, which termed the images "inappropriate, " has now apologized.

Diana Cornwell, from new york, posted the photographs of her seven-year-old child contending at a local specialized Olympics occasion on Facebook. Whenever she next logged in, she received messages from web site tracking staff nevertheless the pictures violated its individual contract.

Cornwell's account had been handicapped for three days until she took down the pictures. Facebook later on apologized when it comes to event and said "human error" was to blame. (Origin)

a mother was already been banned from Facebook after she uploaded a photograph of her kids showing one of those pretending to breastfeed. Lauren Ferrari of Seattle, WA published the questionable image regarding the social network site. It shows the woman five-year-old daughter and her more youthful sis.

In some hours, the image disappeared and Facebook informed her it violated the business's neighborhood criteria. This woman is at this time banned for weekly. United States authorities say it is a good example of "poor parenting." (Supply)

A picture of two men kissing ended up being removed by Facebook for breaching a decency signal barring pictures of a "political, sexual or else painful and sensitive" nature. The popular Spanish professional photographer Juan Hidalgo took the photo the Madrid-based Visible society group as part of its 'Gay Art actively seeks a house' initiative and documentary. With its spot, the project features placed a "censored" form of the image, shown above.

Later on, a Twitter spokesman contacted Towleroad and stated that the image happens to be restored.

"Upon research, we determined the ad doesn't break our directions and ended up being removed in error. The advertisement is now working therefore we apologize the inconvenience." (Origin)

Another censored image from a frustrated Twitter individual. (Source)this can be a thing that happens to be occurring forever. Whenever a 4 yr old boy and his buddy choose to drop their particular pants and urine regarding backyard fence, you can just hope they have a camera handy to capture the invaluable chance. So, which just what a mother did. It was definitely a picture she had grabbed throughout the entire summer so normally she uploaded it to Facebook (well Instagram, but that went along to Facebook).

You are wondering why there clearly was a Censored sign over their tushes? Well, Twitter contacted the woman and asked for that she remove the photo as it ended up being a violation of these terms of service. (Source)

Perhaps the Vatican does not have an issue anymore with paintings of a semi-dressed Virgin Mary nursing the newborn Jesus. But seems like Twitter might.

Long criticized for forbidding photos of people breastfeeding kids, the popular social networking website over repeatedly eliminated three paintings of nursing mothers posted by B.C.-based singer Kate Hansen. Section of the woman “Madonna and Child venture, ” the series ended up being twice bounced down a Facebook team for portrait and figure music artists.

Just as before, another nursing image was censored from Twitter. According to Breastfeeding, a support web page, Facebook removed this image from their wall surface.

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